Does Your Business School Degree Confirm Your Competence On The Job

7 Feb

Mind Me. People say a lot of things about education. But the greatest is making education an end to a means instead of vice versa. When ever you see college degree holders making all the fuss about getting a job in an over saturated labour market,I start to wonder if they are part of this fast paced information age.

I am not saying a college degree is bad or not necessary. My emphasis is that it should be used not only as a leverage but an extreme advantage to the owners benefit. A college degree in English or any other field should be better explored beyond the possible job search.One is in a better position to take advantage of trainings that can easily expose you to other disciplines which you can add to that English Degree.

In other words, open your mind and psyche to other opportunities beyond your college degree. Studies have shown that at least ten percent of college graduates end up working in other field except their areas of core competence. I am one of them.

I am an accountant by training who consults for start ups and have an ICT Diploma assisting small and medium sized businesses in areas of training their staff on IT related services. I also own a small business.These are just derivatives of my degree and professional inclination.

The only constant thing in the world is change. The world needs more entrepreneurs and those who move it.

Join the revolution.

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