Whats Your Best Television Programs And What Do You Learn From Them?

8 Feb

On how many occasions have you and your spouse had a misunderstanding when there is a television program or sitcom? I cannot count how many occasions me and Suzy had to disagree. I had to leave the house on these occasions to kill time at the nearest internet cafe or continue reading my weekly novel or book target . I had to buy another television set and cable box for uninterrupted access to watch my programs anytime I want to and made a makeshift study for that purpose.

I am television and movie addict and I don’t hide that fact from those close to me. But i have successfully categorized my programs into three; regular, special and business. Regular programs are news and current affairs programs on national and international major networks especially AIT, BBC, CNN and Aljazeera. Special programs include sporting competitions,travel,latest IT innovations and serial and feature movies while business programs which are produced for everyone in business. So Which one takes most of your leisure time as a novice or experienced employee and accomplished entrepreneur?

I have taken time to study what programs most people watch and I am very surprised to tell you that less than five percent watch business oriented programs. That is the reason for low orientation about business and entrepreneurship amongst youths. Business writers have concerned themselves with how to make most people succeed. But their greatest problem is that very few people want to change the way they think without changing their orientation.

My number one business program is Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. I have been following this series since inception and found it highly educative and interesting. The focus of that program is employee performance and gives you simple tips about how to pass any interview anywhere in the world.

Tabatha’s Salon Take over is one i don’t miss either. Tabatha Coffey, an Australian and hair dresser of international reckoning, takes her trade to reform and change the way modern hair dressers manage their business and gives them simple management tips and guides to do same. Its not just for hair dressers alone.Its also for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her recommendations are mainly modern management methods.

On The Lot is another television show aimed at aspiring film makers. It was produced by Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett in 2007. The show’s aim was the ability to generate ideas for film by contestants. Unfortunately the show ended its run in 2007.


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