Making Money Online De-Mystified

24 Aug

I have spent my last three months researching on internet marketing and found one reliable one that explained it baby-wise. The Shoe-In Money System by Jeremy Schoemaker was my eye opener to the world of internet marketing and it has motivated me to write this article. Internet marketing is a high risk high reward industry. It involves putting so much hours and cash to work to make your first sale. Read on.

Myths And Realities

Making money online is quite a hassle for the novice. Its either you have keyed into the right program or methodology, strategy or you have invested sufficient time and money to learn from the best and the worst. Worst of all, you lose a lot of money to cheats and swindlers in order to get trapped into another “get rich quick” scheme.Bad!!! The truth is a lot of Internet marketers are just swindlers who want to fleece you of your hard earned money.

The hard truth is no program or method makes you rich overnight. Making it on the internet involves real hard work, research and development of new products and services, methods or improving on an old product or service. Learning from those who have made it and are masters of the trade can impact on the novice. Every internet marketer who has crossed the $1,000 dollars monthly earnings threshold can , has a long tale to tell and can attest to what i am saying here.

Ewen Chia made the breakthrough after three years of sleepless nights and hard work.My mentors Darren Rowse ( and Jeremy Schoemaker ( can tell you that continuous study keeps them  alive in this business of sharks. Peng Joon ( and a host of others will tell you similar stories. No one program,scheme or method will make you money overnight except you work hard. It takes time for every kind of business (online and offline) to mature.

There are three ways to make money online.

Create And Sell Your Own Product

You can create a new product or service and build a website to sell it. You can create a software, market a song , write a digital book on Amazon kindle or even sell doughnuts. You can even create a forum for your co professionals  such as



Sell Other Peoples Product

Also known as affiliate marketing is a method where you sell another person or institution’s product or service for fee referred to as affiliate commission., and sell a  large variety of items such as books to electronics. It has a an affiliate program known as amazon associates, whose members earn a commission for every sale done through their links.


Online Investments

Where a variety of financial products are sold through online brokerage firms. Shares , stocks, Exchange traded funds and forex (FX) are a some of online investments that can make you rich. Online firms like are trusted brokers who have guided a lot of people to make the right decisions on the mentioned methods. Online investments is more sophisticated than the other two and require some very good tutoring before you can jump into the hard waters of world finance.



Let me try to be frank here. I am just new to the world of internet marketing. I am very lucky to come across these two masters,Jeremy Schoemaker and Darren Rowse, who have seen it all. These guys give you the rudiments of the trade first before anything else. The honest truth is you will spend money to earn money as against what you read everyday. Let me analyze a starter’s budget here.

If your business is a long term business then you need a long term hosting plan. Depending on what you do, a three year hosting plan will cost you between $150 to $200 and if you are lucky a promo is holding, then you pay $100 to $120. A blog will cost you $100 annually and for three years its $300. Saving your blog from clones and hawks on will cost you $165 annually. If you are into eCommerce then we are talking of spending an amount close to $2,000 to $3,000 using sites like or  I am talking of $1, 000 dollars and above for your start up marketing campaign. So, where is the free lunch novice? How about your advertising campaign? Its harder if you do it yourself but better when you allow the masters to take charge of the marketing. Its their job.


This is a necessity for every internet marketer. You need to build a large customer base and the best way is to do that is to build a mailing list. You can use or a host of others to do that. An internet marketer requires a mailing list to get reactions from and feel the pulse of his clients base. It also allows him to know if the market accepts his products or services or otherwise.


If you think living the internet life is easy, then think twice. It involves a lot of efforts, which takes a lot of time and money to materialise to an earning. It will take me less time to get there because i am using the services and advice of the masters to do that.

Good luck everyone.



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