Back From Hibernation

17 Jun

Quotes.1.1.jpgHello friends and nice to finally paste this installment of my adventures and update you. This blog has not crossed my mind in nineteen months and that is very difficult to fathom.

Coupled with the fact that I am working on a writing project, a fiction novel to be precise and having learn a lot in the pastry business which is going to be my primary offline business. I still could not raise funds all these time and have resorted to to learning the trade of baking from a master craftsman, perfected the art and ready to go into business without fear.

I have been able to raise funds to buy an oven and some other accessories for my business. My novel is in the last stages and hope it will make some good reviews on some online platforms. Its a digital only novel until further notice and unless i get a sponsor for that.

That done, I have been working on other digital aspects for my personal development such as full time designs of cards and other documents. Find some of them attached on this page and lets hear from you.

Thanks for reading.




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