What Is Education

17 Jun

When the older generation (industrial age generation) ask the younger generation (information age) to go get an education, its always hard to decipher which or what type of education its refers to. Education in today’s world has become less of an issue compared to wealth building , wealth creation and networking. In addition,education has gone beyond acquiring certificates, working for so many years in “ secured “ job and retiring to monthly payments in forms of pensions and gratuities to learning new skills and innovation which is the new education.

What kind of education do you want? In this information age, one will vote an education that is compliant with modern trends ,whether it is an Ivy League education, a basic GCSE or TOEFEL, learning a vocation, teaching your kids at home, navigating your way ina strange land and relating your experience through so many media available or just about anything that adds value to you is an education.

All kinds of education open a new vista of opportunities to the acquirer. Beyond making money and improving on ones’ skills, the most beneficial of all it seems, is the networking arising from such endeavor.

Networking is a geometric method of reaching out, selling oneself to the world generally and whose basic ingredients is personality, attitude and the extraordinary skill possessed by and sought after by the a larger audience and prospects.

Education in my perspective means a lot of things beyond formal education. I was born to industrial age parents who gave you and I a dose of the same of medicine. They encouraged me to to get “certificated” education and a secure job, without any extra skill learned: which I did. The next twenty four years was spent across different corporate organizations, in clerical, accounting and management, retiring at a young age of forty. I discovered that their kind of education and advice had limits. I also embarked on soul searching and went on to look out for opportunities, founding two companies that eventually failed in less than five years, meeting and creating a network of friends with the same experience. From being an employee to employer of labor, I learn fast that there are so many transitions in between that bridge that one needs mentor ship and re-orientation.
That circumstance forced me to acquire over a hundred books across many genres, attend management paid training and seminars even at short notice, audio books while I drive to work or taking a walk in the neighborhood and even using technology aids such as audio books, videos and mp3 to learn at my free time.

Networking with fellow “failures” across technological platforms and through this blog. In that circumstance, that was another type of education that was never thought in school. I have picked up bits of my life and refocused my strength. Currently I am considering an Ivy League education from either Oxford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology , Cambridge, Harvard or Stanford. My perception of these institutions is that they train you for real life situation or the real world and the bulk of movers and shakers in the world today had their education and real life training in these institutions. It would be an honor to attend and be accepted to one of them and believe that it would open a vista of opportunities for me.

Without forgetting my audience, colleagues and business partners through technology communication tools, blogs and apps and leisure. That’s another education relevant to those in the digital age.

At whatever circumstance one find oneself, you will encounter changes in the natural behavior of humans. This is as a result of culture shocks or cultural beliefs of people of a given environment. Another education.
Relating with people outside my network and members of other professions or orientation, getting to know what they do and how they achieve is also another kind of education.

How you also create time for leisure and enjoyment froma all the weeks work stress. From work you hit the gym andf meet people of like minds who also have less time.

Exploring relationship with your neighbours, getting to know the variety of people from different races in your country or from the world is another type of education.
Learning about the characteristics and behavior of the opposite sex and learning to live with them is another type of education.

Education has taught me a lot of things. It has forged me into a better human than I was. It has taught me to be grateful to those who are around me and appreciate those who contributed to making me who I am today. Education has also taught me to interact with and learn from fellow humans from all backgrounds and races. It has also taught me diplomacy is the way of the world. It has taught me respect and reciprocity.

Patience, continuous learning, wider knowledge and all what one has learnt from the immediate environment and beyond all combine to form a sought after ingredient in managing life. That word is experience.

Experience is a repository of what you have learnt over a period of time and applying it to solve large issues and apply it to everyday living. Applying your experience to everyday living is an easy task. One won’t need to rack up your brain to apply it to solve that problem: partly because one has encountered tougher and complicated problems than the one in question before. Therefore the approach will be different and the time frame to solve that problem is shorter than the time spent on the same or similar problem earlier. Experience has also taught me conflict resolution between individuals and groups. It has also taught me to manage myself, psychological, mental, physical and otherwise.

Everyone is an apprentice to experience. You must learn from it. A popular saying goes like this: Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. That is a fact of life. We have seen people repeat history over and over again. That is a recipe for success. That is another type of education.

In conclusion, education is important in achieving lifes goals. Our goals are unique to ourselves and we have to search and tailor our education to achieve our own long, medium and short term goals.

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