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2018 : Plans And Hopes.

4 Jan

via 2018 : Plans And Hopes.


2018 : Plans And Hopes.

4 Jan

If you think New Year starts on January 1st 2018 then you are right. But if you start making your plans on 1st January 2018 you are also right and of course late. My 2018 plans have been ready since September 30th 2017 and I have also executed part of it and achieved a fraction of next year’s plans. What is your plan as a youth for the year 2018 and how do you intend to achieve it? How do you intend to execute it? How do you appraise the outgoing year? What is your vision for 2018 and beyond? Are there new ideas you intend to sell,develop,acquire and of course use to impact on your environment? How do you intend to develop yourself intelligently and intellectually in the coming year? What is your unique selling position for 2018? If I may answer these questions from my experience.

The Year 2017: In Retrospect

The outgoing year can be best described as a year of firsts personally. It was a tough,terrible,disastrous and unpredictably a year of so much setbacks, a year that my plans went up in flames before my very eyes, a year that I lived in fear of being thrown out of my own house, almost denying my right of inheriting and my mum locked up by a crooked judge who was used by a lawyer to carry out same,a year that I had no job to sustain a family of five but lived on the Grace of kind hearted people to survive, a year that I lost my focus and friends because of all these problems, a year that I searched for something to keep me alive, a year that my own siblings termed me a pariah,a year that I only ate once or at most twice a day if there was anything to eat, a year that I neglected and relegated my health to fifth place because I could not raise funds for full medical examination, a year that saw me sell my belongings to pay my kids school fees in bits, a year that saw me humiliated by my creditors because I was unable to pay back debts, a year that saw me beg on social media and physically from those around me to survive and enable me raise some money for some petty business but to no avail, a year that I became spiritually and physically challenged and went down to my lowest ebb, a year that I could not afford to buy or read a book due to unavailable resources to do so, a year that I could not interact with my peers to help generate ideas, a year that I could not achieve anything significant and my survival and that of my family was on the front burner all the time. Some of these failures can be attributed to some mistakes I made earlier in the previous years that have trickled into the current year under review.

I  kept my head during these trials to stand strong and give all around me, especially my family confidence to hope in that period of despair. At a point in time, I was literally going nuts and could not control these issues. I thought of running away from these responsibilities but gained some glimmer of hope from my kids soothing words and prayers. I did not learn any new skill or read any new book beyond newspapers I hired from the local vendor. I did not network. My options for any economic improvements were slim.

My inability to achieve anything significant in 2017 can be attributed to lack of resources,support and psychologically affected me and every member of my family,especially my eldest child, who repeated a class due to my loss of concentration on these issues.

However, I Thank and Appreciate my Creator for keeping me alive to relate my experience and for surviving this harsh year 2017. I also thank my real friends for standing by me to survive. I also thank my family for the moral support and especially my wife in this era of rapid change. She was the helping hand at the end of my arm. Thanks to you my dear for standing by me in that unforgettable year 2017.

The year in retrospect showed me that my being alive is to fulfill both Divine,physical and psychological purpose on earth to family and friends and  the world at large. It enabled me to reflect back on what went wrong and how the outgoing year was divinely wired to turn out that way.

The events of the past year have shaped me to prepare for the incoming year and that alone has been appreciable. As bad as the outgoing year was, it opened a new thinking for me. Every day and night I thought of what to do: what business to engage in, who to meet, where to learn, what to expect and of course set up new plans and how to achieve them.

I started to recover gradually from these disappointments when I paid off my kids school fees and was given a lead role on the Parent Teachers’ Association Constitution Drafting Committee as Chairman. I was elated by the appointment because it comes as a surprise that compensates for my past experience. My successful negotiation with our family lawyer on our litigation was another milestone. Its not an easy thing

2018: Prospects

2018 is a year of hope,faith and fulfillment of dreams. A year that dreams will be fulfilled and lives will be positively changed. It’s a year that I have decided that the negatives will be laid to rest. A year that some of my long and short term goals will be fulfilled.

Despite all these, I am still optimistic that the year 2018 presents opportunities waiting to be tapped. It is said that humans thrive and think better during crisis. The past year 2017, which was crisis ridden and that, will not stop me from achieving a lot in 2018.

I intend to raise the tempo in 2018 to achieve a lot.

What do I intend to achieve in 2018?

Education is the key to life itself. I intend to improve on my intellectual well being in 2018. Three ways I will achieve this to buy enough books to read this year. Reading makes a complete man. I have applied for a degree program in Law at a nearby university here in addition to my Accounting Diploma.

My second important goal for 2018 is to host my blogs. For five years I have tried to host these blogs but for resources. It will take me US $300  to host and improve these blogs and I really do not know how to raise that. I would be grateful if someone reading this will gladly sponsor the hosting. With such a boost I can actually make a living by improving on other aspects of the blog.

Third is to be able to pay my debts in 2018. Debts weigh you down and make you lose focus if you do not manage them properly or you lose your source of income to repay it. That was what exactly happened in 2017.

Fourth is to make my family happy in any way that I can. They were my only hope that I had a Divine duty to them and society at large. They were my motivation for staying alive in 2017. We went through this rough year together and we are going to make it positively successful in 2018. Remember we are the winning team.

Fifth is me. My dress code and appearance was worst hit. I have worn the same clothes in five years with some torn,faded and some dirty. Some have become an eyesore and not commendable at all. Thankfully I have thrown all away and replaced them with a few brand new ones that will last some months. I hope to make a better impact on my dress code and my appearance in 2018.

I hope I would be able to achieve significantly in 2018.

May it be a year to remember for everyone of us.


An Encounter With Job Dangana

23 Nov

I have not read anything about Nigeria beyond articles speaking engagements journals and discussions in more than five years until I met Job Dangana recently. I was referred to him by an acquaintance at a cafe where i relax most evenings after work to surf the net for more opportunities and research as home is full of noisy kids.  My primary duty for Job Dangana was to assist him load up his works on Amazon Kindle ebooks handle using my expertise and experience. I took up the challenge. The phone call suggested it was a womans’ voice only to meet him physically. ” You thought it was a woman speaking to you”? ” Yes”. I answered positively but apologised afterwards for the mistaken identity. Permit me to introduce Job.

He is  a graduate of law from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna Nigeria and also holds a Master’s degree in Law from the same institution. A man with over twenty years experience, he is an author of over twenty books,a development consultant, a legal practitioner, a policy and public analyst who has spent most of his time speaking about the development of our dear country Nigeria. He is also a motivational speaker and also a public commentator  on policy direction for the Federal Government of Nigeria. He has also delivered papers in that regards. His works are reference texts  at Yale and Stanford .His works are also used at Universities across Nigeria.

My encounter with Job was pleasant . I did not find him boring like most clients. He is a very inquisitive and warm personality. It took me more than a week to get those books loaded on kindle as we had to work till late hours due to his busy schedule as a lawyer, my own busy schedule as a businessman and connection problems with the networks. I had to bring in a faster 4G Modem to work with and get the job done. He sat with me through all these troubles, amending mistakes and keywords suggestion. That helped my job a lot. Thanks Oga Job for sparing the time. This was the job worth its time in a few years. It was both personal and professional.

His works preach Nigeria and his message is mostly directed to the youth as passionate as possible. He reminds most that Nigeria is a country that is full of potentials the rich countries in the G7 and G20 possess but expresses his views that as a country we ca only get to the promised land if we work hard to implement these policies. From his point of view, nothing is impossible to achieve. Above all, I find him an interesting personality although a reserved person from the outset.

You will find his works very interesting and thought-provoking and factual.  Some of his works can be found on Amazon Kindle store.

1.) “>The Strategic Role Of Governors in The Transformation Of Nigeria,

2.) Building A New Nigeria

3.) Leaders That Can Rescue Nigeria As From 2015

4.) The Value System In Nigeria

5.)  The Pathway To Peace In Nigeria

These are just a few of his works.

 Happy reading.







Book Review: The More 3 Formulae By Michael DaleWilliams

24 Jun


Chapter 1

Traces the reason behind the author writing the book, The More Formulae. He recounted his days at F,W&C in London where he and his fellow colleagues there consulted for multinationals and small businesses and was exposed to the fact that some small firms are not achieving the desired results. From his perspective, the larger multinational firms enjoy economies of scale. He believed that the smaller firms can enjoy same if they take certain steps. He mentioned that more clients will guarantee that you will be busier but does not guarantee more profits. He however recommends the raising of prices  and focus on clients who can afford your services and recommends that you refer those who cannot afford your services to other competitors. The aim is to retain those clients who access your wide range of services frequently or regularly than periodically will guarantee orders hence the more 3 formulae. The greatest mistakes of small businesses is focus on clients acquisition without focusing on the transaction value services accessed by the client. This has led to the loss of old clients> the author recommends that business should build models around clients preferences and tastes as this will increase the frequency of transactions and value added to the organizations. This approach will enable the clients keep the old and the new customers.

Chapter 2

This chapter explains in great details the difference between good customer service and superior customer services, the difference between a customer and a client giving examples of his Gold Card loyalty program with Virgin Atlantic airline which guarantees him special privileges. It emphasizes on services that will keep your clients coming back and that which will stand you out from your competition. It also describes how positive innovation helps to improve your sales and keep you ahead of your competition.

Chapter 3

This chapter studies the determinants of income to any organization distinguished from the traditional accounting approach. It is determined by the number of customers multiplied by the amount they spend on each transaction and how often they purchase from your organization. The author argues that this approach enables you focus on the peculiarities of each client giving you an idea how to satisfy his special need.Therefore, businesses should build their models around their customer preferences for better performance.

Chapter 4

This chapter reveals how to increase your customer database through traditional and non traditional techniques in order to effectively reach out and regularly communicate with clients to give superior customer service.

Chapter 5

This chapter talks extensively of Value proposition and proffer strategies to attract more clients  through up selling packaging and traditional marketing methods and re-positioning.

Chapter 6

The author recommends increasing transaction frequency through sales propositions, suggestions , incentives and rewards schemes and customer education.

Chapter 7

Discusses the implementation of the previously elaborated in conjunction with a marketing plan to ensure superior customer service.

Chapter 8

Discusses the essential elements of superior customer service, the difference between a customer and client, emphasis on lean organization and management structure, improved products and services and ways to exceeding clients expectations.

Chapter 9

Explores the reason why people go into business, reveals why the book was written and encourages new entrepreneurs and offer ideas for business improvement.Overall, you will find this book a good read and a business companion or handbook or a book or reference in business.


  • Change your approach to business and life whether you own it or work in it

  • Your primary aim in business is to solve a problem. If not it will escalate the problem

  • The only way to guarantee more profits is if more customers are satisfied  with your products or services.

  • A client is a customer who pays for a professional service.

  • Success grows your business.

  • Delegate your responsibilities  and move on.

  • Train your people from the gate.

  • Build your reputation and be known for something.

  • You need to have a satisfied customer for each transaction.

  • Change your customer into clients.

  • Good customer service meets your expectation while superior customer service exceeds your expectation.

  • Innovation and continuous improvements is key to success in business.

  • design your business around your clients performance.

  • Enter into strategic partnerships

  • Character describes everything.

  • Your front desk represents everything about your business.

  • Don”t wait for feedback. Sit with your team and analyze your business.

  • Personalize your services.

  • There is reason to have a perception about your business brand and processes.

  • A slim organization structure is desirable for efficiency in every business.

You can meet the author here


Nuggets From Sam

6 Apr

Hello friends. How have you been all this while? Wishing you the best at what you.

Its been two months since my last post. In my last post, i promised that I was going to improve on the articles on this blog, get better education by reading writing and attending seminars wherever I can find them. I have found and joined  a master mind group that fulfilled that need for me at a time I needed it most. Its called the  Entrepreneurs Basecamp.

I found them by accident on Facebook while trying to get my mind of some sorrows and business losses incurred. Liz Taylor, CEO at Eva Wright, invited me to that seminar and offered me a sponsored seat after an email exchange just twenty-eight hours to their maiden event. I not only got a free seat for that day but also for their subsequent events. Every one else paid NGN 10,000 (US$35). I am indeed a very lucky person.

I cannot express how grateful I am Liz for the wonderful time I had but for the opportunity given to me. Its rare these days to find seminars with free seats in Nigeria. Imagine that. Whats on your mind reader? I believe you said the words” It would have been me”.

Saturday 12th March 2016 was a day to remember for me and all who attended the seminar. The ultimate aim of the seminar is to develop, build and nurture local entrepreneurs  capacity to match global standard and establish a subset of professionals from various fields who will be the first reference point for anyone outside Abuja and Nigeria.

Enter Sam Ikoku

Sam Ikoku  lead Consultant and Principal Partner , Nakachi Consulting Limited , was the lead speaker at the event, An engineer by profession and author of ” Sell Anything To Anyone” which has been downloaded over 398,000 times. Sam has consulted for blue chips  and brokered merger and acquisition deals, a process engineering consultant and a human resources management expert.

Other Speakers at the event were Jenny Chisom of blog and Akpabio Peters, a real estate tycoon and CEO of Bulwark Construction Company, all based in Abuja Nigeria.

What Did You Learn Me Sam?

Sam Levenson, an accomplished author once asked his son this funny question’ What did learn you? ” The meeting was an eye opener and I have started putting those nuggets learned from them into practice.

1.) Start Strong: Sam laid an emphasis on starting a business on a very solid footing. He emphasised on any business to start strong in all fundamentals, finance, customer/client relationships, team work and CEO relationships, alliances such as suppliers, view your competitors and your immediate neighbours. Your business,according to him, stands to benefit the most from this very model.

2.) Purpose Passion and Profit: Purpose and Passion is not enough to sustain any business except it makes profit to sustain itself and makes good returns for its owners. Therefore, start your business before purpose and passion.

3.) Get A Coach/Mentor Before You Get An Accountant: It’s better to rely on the on the advice of experienced business people than that of an accountant. Not that the accountant will  mislead you but as the saying goes, experience is the best teacher.

4.) Belong to a Mastermind Group: If you are in Nigeria, I urge you to join the Entrepreneurs Basecamp.

The Purpose of Every Mastermind Group as proposed by Napoleon Hill :

  • Learn From Each other
  • Share Ideas
  • Regular Meetings

5.) Have A Mindset of Learning Not Failure:  You learn more from your failures than your successes. Great Minds work for the entrepreneur.

6.) There Is Someone Smarter Than You: There is an emphasis on that in every business. Therefore

7.) Enthusiasm is not enough in business. It requires extra efforts to boost a business performance than that.

8.) Ninety per cent of business plans are not read as the main details focussed on by prospective investors are in the Executive Summary. The Executive Summary should come first and not last in your business plan as it tells the prospective investors what to expect when they invest in your business. It is a common mistake by young entrepreneurs to put the executive summary last and the main reason why their plans fail.

9.)Small Office Home Office: You do not need a large well furnished office to start any business but a small office as a contact point for your clients and you.

10.) Pay Yourself First: Robert Kiyosaki mentioned that in Rich Dad Poor Dad.

11.) Hire The Best Of The Best:  Emphasis is on hiring independent professionals who are aware of current trends and have the capacity to positively turn your business around for the better. You will be able to get their views on issues through modern methods such as video conferencing, collaboration technology and positively give them shares in your business and turn them into alliances.

12.) Three rules that should be guiding every business according to In Search Of Excellence author

  • better before cheaper
  • Revenue before cost
  • there are no other rules.

13.) Other Rules;

  • design your business as a bracelet
  • start with globalisation and localization in mind
  • don’t trade in single currency
  • No need for office space
  • your neighbours are not your only clients/customers
  • work on your business and not in your business
  • Whats your message with what you do( your business)

Happy reading.

2016:A New Year Begins

3 Feb

Happy new year to all my friends here and beyond. Wishing you the best in the new year. Its another time in a lifetime to reflect on the past and forge ahead to the future. Another time to take a look at life and how the events will shape one or vice versa. a period to revisit, remake and re-energise plans and actualise exceptions to them. A time to reflect on the positives and negative sides of the outgoing year and improve on successes and correct the failures. Above all, just another year to  keep moving on.

2015 was a long tough and challenging year for me and my family,psychologically, physically and economically. It was a year i lost my business and almost everything i have worked for throughout my life. I believe it is gong to be a building block for future.

What Went Wrong

  • My company sold only two units of equipments and the rest were auctioned off to recover bad debts , loans, taxes and salaries of my employees, whom I laid off before the liabilities increased further.
  • 2015, was a long tough year for me and my family. It was a year of challenges in business and personal, psychological and economic. It was generally bleak due to changes in the political scenario.Probably a year i cant forget in a hurry, which i believe has become a building block for the future. What mattered most was survival of me and m family.
  • What Went Wrong in 2015.



  • All these coupled with other wrong business decisions did affect my intention to study for an MBA.
  • My family bore the brunt of the fallout of these decisions and was almost lving on sympathy of my extended family and a few friends.
  • I could not even afford to buy a few books to read amidst all these responsibilties.
  • lost a close friend in the onslaught against terrorists in December.Also lost a mentor too.
  • had enough for litigation to stop a financial institution from taking over my property.

What Went Right

It was not all a bad year as it was also one that had it upsides .

The most outstanding positive in 2015 was the unprecedented attention I paid to my family. Watching my kids grow and giving them awful attention and affection and also the fact that my youngest one year old gal could speak and say words like “come” “go” “leave me alone”, “plantain” “wait” and “ins(h)ide” . Helping them pay attention to their studies and th older ones able to express their minds was one indescribable feeling. My pretty loving wife was my pillar of support through those hellish months. Thanks baby, you are the best.

I appreciate God in the best way possible for giving me the gift of life and the strength to bear the stress. My Lord you are appreciated.

I also appreciate the efforts of friends and well wishers to see me back on track. Thanks all.

Plans for 2016

Not much but my primary goals are four. I am going to:

  • Get out of debts
  • avoid the mistakes that put my business in receivership
  • I am going to spend less
  • read as many books as I can
  • and try overcome the challenges i faced in 2015.
  • going to update this blog with at least thre articles a month starting with this one.
  • No more grand master plans at this point but long term plans.

Looking forward to another positive and eventful year for all my readers.

Happy birthday wishes to all the February guys and gals reading  this blog and dont forget to blog my gift thru this medium.

Have a wonderful February ahead.

18 Famous People The Press Mistakenly Declared Dead

28 Jan

Actor Abe Vigoda, star of TV’s Barney Miller sitcom and the first two Godfather movies, has finally died.

Source: 18 Famous People The Press Mistakenly Declared Dead