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De Mystifying The Lies Desperate Internet Marketers Tell Their Horde In Nigeria

2 Aug

I do not know why some people refuse to tell people the God damn truth about blogging and making money from it. Some marketers tell you they will set up a blog that makes money for you all your life in order to fleece you of your hard earned money. olumo

Blogging is a hard nut case of a profession to be and rely on. Making money from blogs is like carving a road through Olumo rock. It takes efforts,cash and highly intellectual business not groundnut and kuli kuli business. you need to read a lot of books and learn from the masters of the profession. Who are the worlds master bloggers? I am not talking about these crooks who make money through seminars but people like, Schoemaker (www.shoemoney.com) Darren Rowse (www.problogger.net and http://www.problogger.com) or Yaro Starak. These are professional bloggers whose courses and counseling can lead you there.

These are bloggers who started it as a hobby. One blogger, Ramsay of http://www.blogtyrant.com mentioned that he started making a liveable wage from blogging after three years of frustration and he even contemplated taking up another job.

So why do you think blogging is easy? If it is that easy why has your blog not made money since its establishment? Even Linda Ikeji made enough cash as a beauty queen and had enough goodwill and being able to buy the right programs has catapulted her success as a blogger.

To all would be bloggers, I wish you good luck and good fortune on the internet. But the bitter truth is you must be ready to spend at least US $1,500 to begin on a solid note for the next three months buying into various programs.

When you start making half of what Linda makes, then you can start attending seminars like that of Shaqyr Husyn at http://www.shaqirhussyin.com which sells for US $3000 and above.

What i have just mentioned is just the same for all blog masters i have mentioned above.Darren Rowse of problogger is an Amazon.com specialist and anyone thinking of making money on sklow moving amazon can buy into his programs.

My mentor is http://www.shoemoney.com.He has a $50 course for starters.For those interested u can use this link to buy the program .http://www.shoeinmoney.com/

Blogging is a business and not an ATM machine. Blogging is an investment of a lifetime. Real professional bloggers tell you to have at least a three year master plan for the blog you intend to host and a niche which you have a passion for. If you ask me to break it down to you the i will in this manner:

1) 3 year hosting on http://www.hostgator.com, http://www.bluehost.com and http://www.web.com or any of the biggest web hosting sites with all the paraphernalia( security features,cookies, internet search et cetera) is US $250-$300

2) A good web designer will take nothing less than US$ 200 for a standard design for a blog

3.) A traffic expert will charge you another US$300 for his course.

4.) A monetisation expert will charge you another US$300 for his services.

5.) Article writers to promote your blog and you will need at least 50 articles per year from other friends if you are not an expert and 20 per year if you are one and that will take US$100-200 from you

6.) the rest will be used to pay bank charges.

So don’t let those bloggers lie to you about how to easily make money from the internet.



22 Dec

Wealth creation has been here with us over time.We have read so much about it from every age till date and most of us cannot implement the strategies stated in those books. A lot of us find these strategies difficult but experienced people will tell us a lot about wealth creation. The first thing about wealth creation anywhere in the world is it involves a lot of sacrifices along the line.Gaining wealth is the first stage and maintaining that wealth over time is,perhaps, the most difficult stage. Consolidating wealth has always been a dicey affair from every angle you look at it. But the greatest wealth is having the right people around you all the time to implement strategies that can help to consolidate and increase the wealth. From Carlos Slim Helu to Aliko Dangote and the youngest made millionaire on the planet will reveal effect of having the right people manage your wealth or business at any given time.
As we say good bye to the outgoing year in style, lets give a big welcome at the door to the incoming year with a lot of Praises to Providence for seeing us through another turbulent but interesting year. For the next twelve days, I will outline how i gathered enough capital to be an entrepreneur over the period of twenty three years. Some of the strategies I will outline are still in use. Here we go.

STOCKS/SHARESYou can build your wealth using stocks as a vehicle. You can do that by setting aside an amount each month from your salaries and allowances or from windfalls to buy stocks over a period of your employment. They serve as a buffer against the unexpected and have been the proven vehicle for the richest men in the world over the centuries. Your first step is to get a stockbroker. Not just a stock broker but an adviser on equities.However, you also need to research a lot on any companies stocks you want to buy. There are three types of stocks or shares. Income or dividend stocks which you invest in because of a proven track record of annual dividends to shareholders. The other is growth stocks whose prices have increased astronomically over a period of time. The third is a stock that have a mixture of both.

This is the most uncomplicated business model. Consumer goods business has proven to be the shortest and the most effective way to get rich. If you start on a small medium or even large scale and are in a very good business location, there are advantages that are  inherent in the business. You enjoy commissions and licensee agreements that gives you an advantage over others in your business. Producers tend to give commissions and incentives to distributors for their starling performance over the years and that has been the major attraction to this business model. One can grow astronomically with little capital over time.

TRANSPORTATION AND HAULAGEThis is another high profit high risk business. Every one is moving from one destination to another each day. With little capital you can acquire a car or lease it to do this business. If you own one,it gives you an advantage over others. You can start by moving people from short distances and over time embark on the long distances which are profitable. You may enjoy charter services from high end executives who pay more for personalized services. A complimentary card,a short company profile or flyer detailing your services will open new opportunities for you.