Whats Your Best Television Programs And What Do You Learn From Them?

20 Feb

Back From  A Long Sleep

I have been out of circulation for a while and thats as interesting as it can be. I am Short of words and even think the next step I am taking might be right. It Is too long a vacation for a blogger like me. I Have asked myself if I want to make this blog a premium blog or not. I am still baffled. I got out of my shell and decided to do something very different. I have gone from a chronic debtor to a manwho has had the opportunity to restart on a clean sheet life once again. A business deal set me back in thousands and I kept wondering. In any case, i  learned something pretty new and want to learn more of it in the coming months.To most out there its not new. But to me I just found fun and a new way to live life fully. I am adapting very well and hope to be a “guru” soon. I will keep you posted.

The Wolf Of Wall Street

At first I never imagined this audio book that sold millions will be made into a hit movie. I was watching the Entertainment channel and saw those clips from it while having a session with my kids. I summoned the attention of my wife at once and she abandoned cooking for what I had to tell her. She too was surprised to find out that too. I bought a copy of that audio book five years ago and listened to every inch of the five hour plus Compact Discs. It was the story of a young man who did a lot of cover ups to become successful on the worlds’ biggest financial market: the New York Stock Exchange. It was also the beginning of his downfall from grace. Jordan Belfort had all it takes to be successful. A degree from a recognized college and a nice job on Wall Street, admiration from everyone around for making yourself a success in a very short period. But that was just the chip off the iceberg. Then the bubble burst. The lies about success were ripped apart by lawsuits, divorces, law enforcement and others. Belfort is not the first.

The world has seen his type before. Nick Leeson wrecked a centuries old institution by hiding bad trades in Asia for over a decade before he was discovered.Kweku Adoboli,Jerome Kerviel and a host of others have thought our generation a lot of lessons. The first lesson is you must crawl before you walk. No man ever got rich overnight. It took years or decades to build a fortune not being smart.

The second lesson is we have to be careful in our decisions: financial or otherwise. Every little decision has a long term effect, no matter how minute.

The third is we have to curtail our lifestyle. In a period of economic uncertainty, the only alternative is to save more money from what you earn.Save Save Save.

I am hoping that the movie will win an Oscar in order to get the adequate publicity it needs. I also want the fans of that particular movie to learn from the lessons and not just enjoy the action.Its a must see for every aspiring businessman, student and the world at large. Good luck.

My article “Whats Your Best Television Programs And What Do You Learn From Them?” continues next week.




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