An Encounter With Job Dangana

23 Nov

I have not read anything about Nigeria beyond articles speaking engagements journals and discussions in more than five years until I met Job Dangana recently. I was referred to him by an acquaintance at a cafe where i relax most evenings after work to surf the net for more opportunities and research as home is full of noisy kids.  My primary duty for Job Dangana was to assist him load up his works on Amazon Kindle ebooks handle using my expertise and experience. I took up the challenge. The phone call suggested it was a womans’ voice only to meet him physically. ” You thought it was a woman speaking to you”? ” Yes”. I answered positively but apologised afterwards for the mistaken identity. Permit me to introduce Job.

He is  a graduate of law from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna Nigeria and also holds a Master’s degree in Law from the same institution. A man with over twenty years experience, he is an author of over twenty books,a development consultant, a legal practitioner, a policy and public analyst who has spent most of his time speaking about the development of our dear country Nigeria. He is also a motivational speaker and also a public commentator  on policy direction for the Federal Government of Nigeria. He has also delivered papers in that regards. His works are reference texts  at Yale and Stanford .His works are also used at Universities across Nigeria.

My encounter with Job was pleasant . I did not find him boring like most clients. He is a very inquisitive and warm personality. It took me more than a week to get those books loaded on kindle as we had to work till late hours due to his busy schedule as a lawyer, my own busy schedule as a businessman and connection problems with the networks. I had to bring in a faster 4G Modem to work with and get the job done. He sat with me through all these troubles, amending mistakes and keywords suggestion. That helped my job a lot. Thanks Oga Job for sparing the time. This was the job worth its time in a few years. It was both personal and professional.

His works preach Nigeria and his message is mostly directed to the youth as passionate as possible. He reminds most that Nigeria is a country that is full of potentials the rich countries in the G7 and G20 possess but expresses his views that as a country we ca only get to the promised land if we work hard to implement these policies. From his point of view, nothing is impossible to achieve. Above all, I find him an interesting personality although a reserved person from the outset.

You will find his works very interesting and thought-provoking and factual.  Some of his works can be found on Amazon Kindle store.

1.) “>The Strategic Role Of Governors in The Transformation Of Nigeria,

2.) Building A New Nigeria

3.) Leaders That Can Rescue Nigeria As From 2015

4.) The Value System In Nigeria

5.)  The Pathway To Peace In Nigeria

These are just a few of his works.

 Happy reading.







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